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Services administration is a complex business. We get it. We know the pressure you’re under -- challenged on all fronts by market uncertainty, increased competition and decreasing margins. It’s hard to be heard in such a noisy, changing market.
Your clients need a trusted advisor to guide them through a shifting mosaic of industry, provider consolidation, too many choices, too much administration, and too little time. We get it.
But what if we told you there’s a way to simplify the complexity, to disrupt the disruption? A straightforward, uncomplicated solution that’s not only affordable but helps you increase net revenue and grow your client base?
You see we've got a disruptive solution of our own. It's called benefitOS© and we've built it just for you. Interested? We thought you’d be. Read on.

Access your Services from your

Smartphone or Tablet with benefitOS

Mobile is the difference.

Don’t have access to your PC? No Problem! benefitOS is available for both Apple and Android! With full transactional capabilities, users can update their personal information, update dependent information or enroll and make changes to their coverages any time, any where and on any device! 
Need help right away? Users can connect directly to their HR administrators using the app’s Live Chat functionality – the fastest way for client’s to support their employees.
With our benefitOS customization options, including custom branding and a “White Label” option, the client facing components of the mobile app and login pages can be customized to match your company’s colour scheme making your client’s users feel right at home.

Do EVERYTHING on your Mobile Device!

There is no substitute for being able to do what you want to and need to when and where you need to do it. Enter Mobile. Our platform enables you to do everything you need to do on your mobile device at your convenience. Imagine that!

Signed, Snapped and Delivered!

Walk with your employees

Don't just take our word for it, the future is now...

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More Business, More Revenue.

benefitOS is a leading Benefit Administration Platform that enables the fastest implementation in the business at a more cost effective price-point, increasing profitability.

Get Results

The power, scale and flexibility of benefitOS translates directly to more wins in the marketplace. From completely customizable portals to powerful back-end tools that enable your business to meet all client needs – benefitOS separates you from the competition.
Configure a client in days. That's right days. With sophisticated point-and-click and drag-and-drop configuration capabilities, you will be amazed just how fast and easy it is to setup a client.
Remove the need for development resources with our fully customizable, access controlled, front-end service portal with capability for group based client access and administrative access to manage employee benefits. You will never miss another beat!

Fast, Easy Implementations in days.

Implement a traditional benefit plan or a complex flex plan using the Objects Builder. The Objects Builder allows you to choose from existing benefit templates or you can create your own completely customized benefit plan in seconds!
Top the implementation off with imports and exports. The Imports Builder allows you to create custom imports using a drag-and-drop interface and schedule those imports to run when you need them. The Exports Builder allows for custom reports and extracts, in many formats, using a drag-and-drop interface. When you are done simply press the Easy Requirements button to generate full client requirements for sign-off.
No time to use the Objects Builder? Let us do the work for you. You’ll have more time to sell new benefits, while we do the implementation work and generate full client requirements for your approval as well as your clients’ sign-offs. You remain the hero for your clients!
Unlimited Options, Coverage Categories and calculcations using the Formula Builder
Distinct eligibility rules for both employee and dependents or beneficiaries.
Create custom Conditional Approvals and Evidence of Insurability rules.

It all starts with a simplistic design...

Object Oriented Design

Objects enable the creation and configuration of any Service administration (such as Benefits, Payroll, Recruiting, Training, HR Workforce management, Absence Management, etc.)

Reports and Imports

Imports or Reports are mechanisms for loading or exporting mass data from the system in an automated fashion using point-and-click and drag-and-drop functionality.

Dynamic Data Fields

benefitOS provides extensive control over the data integrity, quality and accuracy of data administered in the system.

Personalized Documents

benefitOS allows the administrator to create fully customizable and client branded documents that include static and dynamic data from the system using a word-like editor.

Save Money. Increase Profit.

Dynamically calculated Data Fields using our powerful Formula Builder.
After-Update events that trigger actions once Data has been updated.
Customize Data Hygiene and Validation parameters to ensure data validity.
Embrace change orders and increase revenues with benefitOS!
benefitOS completely facilitates profitable change orders through inherent design flexibility. New client changes are a breeze with the powerful tools within benefitOS. Don’t stumble over those custom data fields and complex benefit calculations.
Using the Data Field Builder, benefitOS allows you to create custom data fields with a few clicks. You can use those data fields to store data, export information and define calculations throughout the entire system.
All aspects of benefitOS are completely customizable including adding/modifying custom data fields for new or existing populations. You can also create a new document or form for employee consumption. All done in seconds.

See for yourself how we implement in days...

Customize Client Portals

No Smart Phone No Problem!

benefitOS has a completely customizable Employee Web portal, which allows the employee to login from any PC, Laptop or Tablet.  The Employee portal is fully transactional with the ability to submit claims, make changes to their coverage, enroll a dependent onto their coverage, all from one simple web page.  No need to fax papers or wait on hold for your new coverage to be applied.  It’s transactional in real time.
The Employee portal is great for personalizing your pages as well.  You can upload a picture, upload your dependents or beneficiaries photos to make it more real for each employee.
It is also designed with the clients brand logos and colour schemes to have one consistent flow of a single system.


So you can focus on what's ahead

Get Real-Time Updates

benefitOS allows third parties to setup their own real-time third party integrations using a point-and-click interface. Once this interface has been configured, benefitOS can use this connection in real-time to both retrieve data from and update data in the third party solution by connecting directly to our benefitOS Core.
The benefitOS Core is a Cloud-based RESTful Application Programming Interface (API) that allows 3rd party programs and tools access to the benefitOS data and business rules engines in use for other applications.

Explore our API

Stay connected with the benefitOS API Explorer

It is all about chemistry

benefitOS was built from the ground up with integration as a key priority. All functionality inclusive of transactions, setup and configuration is available exclusively through the benefitOS Representational State Transfer (RESTful) Application Programming Interface (API). This allows for unlimited access to the solution from any third party system or integrator. benefitOS supports both real-time or scheduled connectivity, via the RESTful API or user configurable flat-files respectively, for system to system integration.
The RESTful API allows third party systems full access to the benefitOS solution. Third party solutions may retrieve data from and update data in benefitOS leveraging the RESTful API. In addition, the API allows third party solutions to make configuration changes to the benefitOS solution for example, change plan information, create custom documentation and much more.
There is also an API Explorer that gives technicians direct access to the APIs - great for troubleshooting!

Get Real-Time Updates

benefitOS allows third parties to setup their own real-time third party integrations using a point-and-click interface. Once this interface has been configured, benefitOS can use this connection in real-time to both retrieve data from and update data in the third party solution by connecting directly to our benefitOS Core.

Superb Design.

Take Control Back

A Cloud-based Representational State Transfer (RESTful) Application Programming Interface (API) that allows third party programs and tools access to the benefitOS data and benefit rules engines for use in other applications. In addition the CORE allows for integration of data, rules and calculations with third party systems for use within benefitOS.
The engine gives the administrator extensive capabilities, including:
  • Develop Calculations through point-and-click functionality, the administrator can define complex eligibility rules and calculations for the specified benefit. For example, it is easy to configure eligibility rules based on the employee’s employment status and/or division, etc. to define their benefit coverage.
  • Administrator can configure enrollment “wizards” – that are fully customizable.
  • Enrollments can have as many steps as required.
    • Within a step, all labels, content and data fields can be configured and ordered to customize the step for the employee.
    • Labels, content and data fields can be configured with specific eligibility rules.
    • Fields can be directly tied to any step in the enrollment. This allows the enrollment to capture relevant data prior to presenting the employee with the enrollment options.
  • All system configuration for every component of the system is documented through Manage Requirements which outlines all system configuration and security requirements outlining all user access levels. This allow employers / clients to sign-off on electronically generated requirements.

Get results with benefitOS

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