We will not be out-priced by any other vendor in the market.

Get a state-of-the-art premium platform at a cost of an economy product with benefitOS. We are able to offer benefitOS at a reasonable cost due to the flexibility and scalability of the design coupled with the deployment model.
We believe keeping our costs lower translate into a lower cost for our customers. The total cost to license benefitOS is broken up in the 3 categories below.

Initial Setup

The initial setup for your custom instance of benefitOS.

Ongoing Support

The ongoing support for your benefitOS instance Per Employee Per Month (PEPM).

Client Implementation (optional)

Applied only if you require BOSSC to complete client implementations on your behalf.

benefitOS is a Human Capital Management Platform that offers a Mobile App, an Employee Self Service Portal, an Integrated Plan Administration Portal and excellent API Connectivity; built for Experts by Experts! Contact us to see how we can help improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase profits today.